Love in the Fields is a collection of translations of short pastoral poems by Antoinette Deshoulières (1638-1694).

Deshoulières was one of the major figures of what became known as the préciocité movement in France. Preciocité was in many ways an early ‘avant-garde’ movement with a focus on experimentation, formalism, and playfulness.

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Deshoulières’ poetry, particularly her pastoral poetry, was widely admired during the 18th century but fell out of critical and public favour during the heyday of romanticism (with their hatred of artificiality, sangfroid and lightness), and no editions of her work were published during the 20th century.

Her reputation has been experiencing a revival since around the turn of this century, with multiple editions of her work released in French, but none in English yet, as far as I’m aware.

These poems take the traditional form of pastoral poetry: metrically standard and rhyming, but with variable line lengths. As both writer and reader I’ve found the variable line lengths to be a breath of fresh air. They create a dynamic, free flowing effect quite distinct from both fixed length versification and free verse.

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