Alex McKeown [“mc-you-‘n”] is a poet and translator based in Hobart, Tasmania. More recently he has become a writer of fiction and drama. His writing has appeared widley in Australia and overseas, including in Southerly, Island, Cordite, and The Canberra Times. He works with forms, both avant-garde and traditional, and plays off of pre-existing literature.

He has a chapbook forthcoming of translations from the 17th century French pastoral poetry of Antoinette Deshoulières, to be published by the UK’s Penteract Press.

Many of his poems can be found in two full-length manuscripts, which are in need of a publisher. One manuscript contains poems derived from other poems, via translation and various other adaptive techniques. The other manuscript contains more original poetry, with a special focus on poetry of minimal length and sparse wording.

He is also working on his second verse play, a dark romantic comedy, with support from Hobart’s Blue Cow Theatre.

He has a Bachelor of Computing from the University of Tasmania and works as a software engineer.

You can contact him at [email protected]

Most of the poems and translations on this site were written on the lands of the muwinina people.